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e-Commerce Optimisation

Your ecommerce website optimisation is important. It’s not enough to have a great looking on-line shop, you also need to be able to get your products in front of your customers (and sell to them).

portcullis-digital-ecommerce-optimisationThe quick and easy way is with Google ads, Facebook and Twitter marketing or selling on Amazon and eBay. If you have the margins then great, but they are very clever at pricing the advertising to get the most out of you, with just enough to make it worthwhile.

What if your products came up on the organic (free) searches on Google? Then, with our help, people all bought from you because your ecommerce website was easy to navigate, it was easy to buy and suggestions for more accessories led to bigger online purchases? Promotions, incentives and rewards for signing up are important for customer loyalty and retention for any online shop and we can help you.

While some of the changes we can make to your website are technical, it could be ecommerce training, support with adding products, keywords and descriptions or managing your stock and discounts that would be the best support for you.

Get in touch and let us listen to what you are doing, selling and how you currently do this. We can help you manage your advertising spend for a small percentage, showing you the results and return on your investment in sales through your on-line checkout or we can work on the shop itself using our two technical/training staff who have both been on-line retailers and sellers for over a decade!