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App Development

We love apps: for their simplicity in design, their productivity and efficiency and let’s not forget the fun!

Since the iPhone was first launched with 500 apps in 2007, development of these has exploded. There are now more than 2 million in the App Store alone.

Android apps followed closely and there are now more than 2 million apps in Google Play Store.

Until 2011, if you wanted to build an app for both iOS and Android, you had two development costs and the environments you built them in were very different. And then Xamarin was formed.

Xamarin allows developers to write in one coding language and share significant portions of this across the different device platforms. It’s a hugely specialist area but, as they have enhanced its usability and what it is able to do, it’s become very popular with SMEs through to large corporates. Recognising the potential for this, in 2014, we started our Xamarin team and, over the last couple of years have got to grips with the scale and potential of this tool.

Today, we are building cross-platform apps for national and international clients that range in their complexity from simple forms and photo transfer, through to process driven apps that sync data with servers and connect multiple users, sites and locations across the world.

Apps are great for business and our highly skilled team of app designers, developers and project managers can help you understand the best way they can be implemented in your organisation and what efficiency they will give you.

Contact Us now to tell us how you’d like to use an app built on the most advanced platform technology available.